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How to prepare for your tan

Preparation Instructions:

The life of your tan depends on your preparation, after care, exfoliation process, as well as life style. If you follow these instructions, they will guide you to getting the most out of your airbrush tan.

  • For best results shower and shave 24 hrs to 8 hrs prior to your tanning session
  • Exfoliate 24-48 hrs before your tan (best results)
  • If waxing allow 48 hrs before you get your tan
  • Skin should be clean and dry before being sprayed. Don’t apply moisturizers, deodorants, oils or makeup before your appointment
  • Wear dark and loose clothing to appointment. Wear loose shoes. Bring dark swimsuit or undergarments
  • Do not swim, bath or exercise for at least 8 hrs after your tan
  • If showering before your tan use cool water to rinse off

After tan care:

  • Your tan will last 7-10 days and longer with our after care products
  • Wear dark fitting clothing for 8 hours, while tan is developing
  • Don’t exercise, sweat, swim or bath for at least 8 hrs ( 1 to 4 hours for our Express line)
  • Wash with mild moisturizing soap like Au Natural products (available at Just Glow)
  • Apply moisturizer immediately after showering and use daily
  • Shower in warm water, pat dry with towel, don’t rub dry

What to expect when we arrive

The process for receiving a personalized spray tan in your home or any location of choice is simple and convenient. All you need to do is contact us to book your appointment. Booking your apt is as easy as selecting the online self scheduling option found on our Website. You choose the date, the time and the location. A request is sent by text to Just Glow. Within minutes, you will receive a confirmation that your appointment request has been approved. You will then receive a call from one of our Just Glow Mobile Airbrush spray tan technicians to guide you through the preparation process and what to expect. Then we show up at your door! How easy is that.

When we arrive:

  1. Show our technicians to a room of your choice. The room should have a clearing for a small pop up tent, where our technicians will set up the tanning area.
  2. While we are setting up, you will be asked to change into your bathing suit or tanning outfit of your choice. You choose your skin coverage based on your personal preference or comfort level. Just keep in mind that what you wear will become your tan lines. We recommend that you wear dark colours during the tanning process.
  3. You will then be spray tanned with a fine cool mist, our technicians use professional airbrush tanning equipment for remarkable, streak-free results.
  4. Once the spray tan has been applied, your skin will be blow dried to assist with the drying process.
  5. Your technician will review after care instructions with you to ensure that you get the very best from your tan.

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